Weight Loss w/ friends w/ Modified Atkins~

Hey ho my loverlies!

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know of the wonderful progress being had with our little group going thru the Metabolic Syndrome weight loss project. It's like a "modified Atkins" diet.

No starchy or sweet carbs are allowed for 10-14 days to jump start your metabolism.

which means~
No bread, pasta, rice, grains, cereal, potatoes, fruit, sugars, cakes, candy, pie, ice cream....
No high fructose corn syrup.

What you DO concentrate on eating is Protein (meat/fish/dairy/nuts/eggs) and lots of veggies.

Aside from the lack of fruit, it's much like a Caveman's diet.

I have dropped 3 pounds since Saturday!
My friend Stephanie dropped 4 in the same time frame!
Another office mate has dropped 8 pounds in 7 days!

and hey!

My blood pressure is perfect!
I have lots of energy....
I don't feel hungry.

As a matter of fact, with giving your intestinal track food that processes well together, it processes so much more efficiently, that I find I'm not as hungry at certain times and can actually go longer without having to eat.

The plan is to regulate the sugar and insulin in your blood stream and get more balanced and back on an even keel.

My pH test strips that you test for being acidic or alkaline (you want to be more in the middle or on the alkaline side, because alkaline means "with oxygen" to digest)...at first my test strips didn't even REGISTER on the low end of the acidic side. Within 3 days my strips were starting to register and I saw an improvement 

It's really not hard to do.

then after the "Induction" phase, you start adding back in carbs slowly....

Just saying..........you might want to try it to "Kick Start" your metabolism too :)

will keep you informed!

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