Day 30 Bodice Challenge

Hey Ho!

A day of wondrous adventure I planned for this day!
First, I took Shawna to Rome to spend the afternoon with my dear friend, Lorie. She and I hadn't really had a good visit since before her trip to England. We chatted away the day, dished, gossiped, drank a couple of wine slushies, had a relaxed lunch of salads that we both made (yummy!) and then we watched the new "Little Red Riding Hood". We all enjoyed it very much.
Then Talon and I went out to see "Hamlet" at the Auburn Public Theatre. Harry was working an install so it was nice that I could still go out with my buddy boy, Talon and we thoroughly enjoyed a dark tragedy.

When I originally asked Talon if he wanted to go, he said, "What's it about?"
I said, "It's a tragedy. Everybody dies."
So kewl, he liked that idea  and it was nice to be able to chat about it for afters at Parker's and discuss the play and all it's complexities. :) He said, "You know, that's one good thing about watching a tragedy. No matter HOW SHITTY your life feel better cuz it's never as bad as Hamlet's was!"

This is true. :)

1) Exercise: Walked/Jogged w/ Monty Joe

2) Food:
Breakfast: Melon and 2 eggs scrambled w/a sprinkle of feta. Black coffee.
Lunch: At Lorie's! A scoop of her delicious pasta salad, 1/2 cup of my tabooleh and 1/2 cup of my pinto bean salad. 2 Wine slushies. 1 chocolate.
Dinner: Pasta salad (to make sure it was still delicious, it was :) 1/2 tin sardines and 6 triskets.
After play nosh: 1 glass wine, cup of hearty tomato soup and 2 stolen honey garlic chicken wings off of Talon's plate :)

3) Creativity: Drove to Rome with Shawna to see Lorie. Went to see Hamlet with Talon.

4) BP: forgot ;) oops.

Yah, I over did it a bit on food...but not like I've done in the past. I sufficed with stealing 2 chicken wings, instead of ordering my own whole batch or getting something dripping with cheese. And I am finding that if I exercise in the morning, or plan on WHEN I can fit it into my day, it works far better. I am exercising every day and that's good. So, just filling Harry in on my day's adventures..... and hearing about his....
and we are all safe and sound with adventurous tales to tell.

And none of which is a tragedy.

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