Zombie Alert! Better safe than sorry....

In retrospect, today started out pretty well!

I got on my NEW scale and it told me that I was down about 8#s from what I thought! (at least 8#, but now that I have a scale, I can track it!)

I am also down 8 1/2 " from my measurements 3 weeks ago! Mostly on my thighs and hips...probably from all that walking/jogging! HUZZAH!

So that was a goodly start. Followed Harry to the engine repair shop and we dropped off his van for some work and then stopped in at the Auburn Family Restaurant for breakfast. I had a good breakfast.

It's a good thing to have a big hearty breakfast before a ZOMBIE ALERT day.


All the day was well, errands, bank, hair done, nail fix....you know....regular shite.
Got to work at the college for a short shift....same old, same old.
Working on registering a stack of Basketball camp registrations, answering phones, listening to Ren Radio, occasionally checking email....you know...regular shite.
It was a quiet night there tonight.

And DEN?

The POWER goes OFF.

BAM! I am sitting in total darkness at my desk.

Well, the office work was done for the day, and I proceeded to walk about, helping the police herd any students out for the evening. The power really never came back on. Once all the students had vacated the building, my supervisor and I left to leave as well. We went out to the "authorized only" parking lot to leave. How'ere, we couldn't leave, as the "gate" was electronic and wouldn't let us out. Now we were trapped.

Now I started to think about ZOMBIES.

I mean, it was a perfect scenario as I looked around the deserted parking lot that we were now trapped in. So I started looking for a back way out....
(Zombieland Rulle #22 "Always know your way out") and we ended up driving down the sidewalk and on the lawn and out the other side.

The traffic lights were all OFF. People were not doing well with the lack of direction. One man, (I swear he looked like Woody Harroldson) drove past me, too fast, too close and tried to clip me.
I swerved and he just barely missed me. He was driving like a mad man.
"ASSHOLE!" I yelled.
"Definately a looter" I thought. (Zombieland Rule #4 "Wear your seatbelt")

I stopped by the grocery store to "get supplies" for the pre-zombie invasion.
Here, where I live in Mulberry, R.F.D., all was well.....quiet....calm. No trace of the oncoming zombie onslaught.


I made a mental check of what I had at my disposal for weapons. (always good to know what's on hand in an emergency). Well, first off, I had my car. I could always run down the zombies with my car.
That could actually be fun. I had a full tank of gas.
Instrument and music stands in the trunk...perfect for removing heads. (Rule # 10  "Don't swing low" and  Rule #29 "Shoot first")

Shitload of weapons at home. Rennies are very well equipped in times like these. There are daggers, swords, crossbows, bodice daggers, knives, mace, spears....you know.... "PROPS" :)
Out in the garden shed, I remembered the hoe, cultivator rake, shovel and lawn trimmers, not to mention the chain saw and oh, ALL the myriad items in Harry's barn that I could invent with....
I felt better already. A bit more empowered.

I walked in and a couple was there picking up 16 gallons of milk, a cart full of bread and other sundry items.
"It's happening" I mused. (even if they were there picking up for the Food Pantry.)

What did I buy? What does everyone need in times of great need? Well, Harry needed beer and no zombie invasion is complete without a supply of toilet paper. I was careful not to get trapped in the aisle with the family with the cart at the end. (Dead end. You always want an escape path Rule #22- Always know your way out)

When checking out I told the checkout girl to "Be careful of the zombies"  She smiled. I said, "You laugh NOW...." and I looked both ways and left. I looked around the parking lot.

I was GLAD that I have been working out lately.
I felt like I could RUN if I had to. (Rule #20 "It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless it’s a sprint, then sprint")
So I walked powerfully out to the car...(Rule #31 "Check the back seat")
and I drove home.

I walked in and checked over the dog and also Harry for any signs of infection or bite marks.
(Rule #29 Use the buddy system").
I brought in my few simple items (Rule #7 Travel light").

I am home safe and am having a glass of wine, and savoring a piece of dark chocolate and watching "Monarch of the Glen"  (Rule #32 "Enjoy the little things").


Bodice Challenge Day 28

1) Exercise: Walked/Jogged with Monty Joe the wonder Schnoodle!

2) Food:
Breakfast: (to fortify against zombies :) 2 eggs, 3 slices bacon, homefries with onions & peppers. Black coffee.
Lunch: Salad w/ scoop of Seafood salad.
Snack: Greek yogurt and nutra bar at my desk, small Clementine
Dinner: Veggie stirfry, rice, steamed dumplings. 1 glass Wine. A piece of dark chocolate

3) Creativity: wrote a story= Zombie Blog.  Hope you liked it  :)

4) BP: forgot to take it. Will do in the morning.
How'ere, I will expect it a bit higher after the soy sauce and the zombie stress :)

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Willow said...

I love this story!!! I loved Zombieland and all the rules. Nicely done! :)