So...Merlyn! What exactly IS this fecking "Bodice Challenge you've been on about??"

Almost 2 weeks into this, with many followers who have been inspired to trek along with me....(Lynn, Kristin, Brian, Cynthia, Linda, Diana and Ellen to mention a few)

they are either on this quest with me in spirit, mind or body...

I have begun a QUEST.

A quest for a better shape, healthy body and active mind.


It's me, Merlyn here. I'm 51 years old. I love to eat, drink & be merry! I love squeezes and parties and friends and family. I'm a minstrel who needs to squeeze her goodly frame into renaissance faire bodices and be quite physically active, singing, dancing, and tramping parades....hopefully WITHOUT huffing and puffing!


About 2 weeks ago (13 days ago to be exact)...I decided to cut out certain foods from my life (for this Challenge) and add some elements to my life.

I Challenged myself to POST them daily until Sterling Renaissance Festival began. That gave me 5 weeks to whip this horse into somewhat of a better shape and outlook.

Here's what I decided to do:

I would blog daily about 4 important things (and occasionally the Muse makes me tell stories and you can read those hither as well... :) The blogging keeps me honest and on track...and there are many of you who say that my writings are helping you as well.......

1) My Exercise Accomplishment for the Day
This goal makes me do SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Something is better than nothing. Some days I walk and throw in a little jogging with my doggy. Sometimes I do free weights or yoga. It doesn't matter WHAT. Just SOME exercise EVERY DAY.) I don't have a scale to weigh myself, but am going to get one in awhile. I have weighed myself at work on the doctor scale there and have lost 7# and measured myself last week (unfortunately not on the 1st day but a week into it) and I have seen some loss already. I will post that tomorrow.

2) My Daily Food Intake (good or ill).
I have cut out white flour, white sugar and BREAD altogether. I have eliminated all dairy except for Greek Yogurt (which I think a bit is good for me). I am also counting calories and staying around 1500 daily. I am also trying to get back into the habit of utilizing the words: "Serving Size" and I've had to rethink and MEASURE. I have lived with a couple of guys and when serving up dinner, they tend to make a plate for me that looks like theirs. This is sweet...but not good for me. I don't want to be as big as them! I don't have their height or bone structure, not to mention their testosterone to make it work for me! I am also not giving up a glass of wine or a piece of dark chocolate if I really want one. They say they are both good for you. And sometimes, just a "wee" bit of something, does the trick.

3) My Daily Creative Accomplishment 
I am also challenging myself to not just be all about the physical me, but also about the doing and giving me. Creative projects from sewing, organizing or expressive outlets (writing stories, singing...etc.) make me feel so good! My efforts seem to help others too.

4) My Blood Pressure reading in the morning.
In March the doctor said my blood pressure was high. 140/90. I DON'T want to be on medication. So....I hid my salt shaker and am lowering it manually with food choices and exercise. I am taking Fish Oil Supplements which also seem to be helping. I bought a good monitor and it is kinda fun to use it and write down my progress. I'm trying not to stress as much by trying to confront my problems and do something about them. My dear husband and mate is a hoarder and instead of feeling helpless about it, I am tackling the problem and also trying to drag him along with me for the ride on organization and health. (he has high blood pressure too). My blood pressure read yesterday was 110/72 so my efforts ARE working! I also got a dumpster this spring and started on the hard thing of confronting the clutter that is not of my making. I feel MUCH better. My motto is that if you are overwhelmed....Do the HARD THING FIRST, then the rest of your day will be better! MUCH better! 

So that's it!

Some folks doing this are managing their health in different ways. Some are just exercising more. Some are making deliberate efforts in their food choices (organic or cutting out bread or seconds)
BUT they are trying.

And the Gods love those who TRY.

Good luck and keep on keeping on! And I will do the same to encourage you as well.

Have a grand day! Be well and BE HAPPY!!!

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