Soliders, Pirates and Squirrels~ Just another day here.....

An interesting day was had yesterday...

Started off with political discussion with Harry over coffee...then traveled to our music practice portion of the day for the Civil War show we are doing for this Tuesday.

Set list looks like:

DixieRosin the Bow (which leads into same melody of "For Lincoln & Liberty Too!")
When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Johnny I hardly knew ye
John Brown's Body/Battle Hymn of the Republic
The Year of Jubilo (PC version :)
Swanee River (Harry on Fiddle!)
Medley: Camp Town Races/Oh Susannah!/Old Grey Mare/Clementine/Polly Wolly Doodle (Merlyn on Mandolin)
Buffalo Gals (with Limber Jack dancing man)
Never Take the Hind shoe from a Mule
Low Bridge
Beautiful Dreamer (Stephen Foster)
Goober Peas
Jimmy Crack Corn
Do your ears hang low?
Froggy Went a-courtin'
Keep the Home Fires Burning

I have worked hard on this show. Have also finished my 10'X12' fabric backdrop that I made in my "Creativity Circle" meetings that I did over the winter. Harry & Talon and I set up truss and tree stands in the backyard yesterday and hung it along with the additional flags I bought for the occasion. I got a 34 star Union flag (the flag at the beginning of the war then) and a Confederate Navy Jack. We will be in garb for it. It's at the Gorham Library on a tent tomorrow, Tuesday, June 7th at 9:30am for the if you are around... :)

Harry happily worked in the backyard sorting some more of his stuff, but mostly played with his solar panels.

I had asked Talon if he would come over and do a couple of handyman projects for me. One was adhering a few ceiling block panels back to the ceiling as they were pulling away. We need to remodel, but it won't be for awhile....
He found the cause of the droop in the ceiling.
About 3#s of eaten black walnut shells from our squirrelly neighbors who eat and fuck in the ceiling.
(We call it Squirrel Haven for a reason)....
Talon also worked on refastening some brackets in the upstairs bathroom over the garb rack that had pulled away from too much weight. In trying to move said garb rack (which I admit, was "temporarily cobbed together" quite some time ago....) it disintegrated under the weight of the garb. I ran up and helped and started unloading huge piles of hangers of assorted garb leaving a mountain of clothing on the floor.

Needless to say, it didn't go how either of us had hoped. But I left the mess and focused on making food for company as "The Pirate Bards" were meeting to go over a few chapters of editing "Pirates vs Zombies' last night. It was a blast! We got thru 3 more chapters! A couple more friends, Debbi and Greg, also came over and brought food and ate and drank and visited and added some important words to the conversation.

"Oyster" and "Jewel" now have been added as nouns for testicles :)

Squirrels....nuts. ...Pirates....I see the natural segue :)
Finished off my day at midnight....picking up and straightening hundreds of hangers of garb and laying them out on the spare bed (which is no longer use able for the time being) and vacuumed up the insulation dust and dust bunnies in the bathroom up there. The wastebasket is 1/2 full of black walnut shells.

Squirrels R Us.

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