Bodice Challenge Day 23!

1) Exercise: Walked/Jogged w/ Monty..... and..... Talon! (We took it easy on Talon...and only did about 1/2 the jogging that Monty & I have been doing daily :) I also did some floor exercises (3 sets of 25 "bicycle" reps) and a couple of yoga stretches while watching movies.

2) Food:
Breakfast: Fruit and 2 eggs over easy. Black coffee
Lunch: Out to lunch- had Chinese food. I chose veggies, a few steamed dumplings, a bit of hot and sour soup, a small slice of rare roast beast and 1 chicken wing.Believe me...I've done way worse than that in the past! Hot tea.
Dinner: A small salad w/ balsamic and a cup of my macaroni salad (to taste test it for tomorrow :)
Snack: 2 glasses of wine.

While some days I don't hit the mark of 1500 calories or less....I'm not beating myself up over it. I'm doing better than I WAS. I'm writing down what I eat...and I'm making better choices over all. And that's all good.:)

3) Creativity: Did a wee bit of sewing before dashing off to meet up for a movie out. Saw "The Green Lantern". OH! I also bought a bathroom scale. Just a dial one. (I'm NOT putting fucking batteries into anything....)

4) BP: 116/70

Had a great day. A relaxing morning with Harry and we watched an episode of my Netflix current choice addiction: "Monarch of the Glen" then did some more work on a sewing project...then dashed off to met up with Talon at the movieplex for the latest new SuperHero movie "The Green Lantern". Evidently, as the story goes...the energy that motivates the Green Lantern Corps is the WILL. If you can envision can project it. How perfect for the bodice challenge!

He & I did some shopping (bathroom scales where Talon tested them all out for me :) and we also got 2 more movies to bring home: The Wild Hunt" (an action tale told in a LARP background :) and "The Black Death". Both were good...some of the scenes were kinda graphic...( some torture scenes were gross...)

I had previously told Talon that when Harry and I watched it the other night that someone in the film got "sledged with Thor's Hammer" in "The Wild Hunt" and so of course... he wanted to watch it too :) It's worth a watch if you've ever been to a LARP event or a ren faire....interesting to think about how a "game" can be a game....or that with the wrong could turn ugly....

Here's hoping your day was a goodly one. How are you doing on your quest?

Well, remember....when you weigh yourself...there is only 1 rule:

"You only weigh yourself naked....
in the morning....
first thing after you pee."

And that's scary enough. :)

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