Bodice Challenge Day 20

1) Exercise: Walked/Jogged with Monty the Wonder Schnoodle (who is loving all this :)

2) Food:
Breakfast: Cinnamon Cheerios and Almond Milk. Black Coffee
Lunch: I made a chicken salad wrap w/ veggies and banana pepper rings, tortilla chips (9)
Snack: the other 1/2 of the individual small bag of Sun Chips/ celery/2 clementines at my desk at work
Dinner: Steamed Dumplings (Harry cooked with ordering Chinese :) 2 glasses of cabernet and some dark chocolate to finish.

Creativity: more productive really...lots of errands, bought some good groceries for us, and I am unpacking from gigs the past 5 days....

BP: 108/78 very happy with this. I feel good and have energy. Rick was worried about my BP going too low. I am not on medication for my BP. I am lowering it ONLY by diet, exercise and fish oil supplements. This seems to be working very well. :)

I want to buy a scale this coming weekend. I will be taking my measurements on the morrow at the week mark to see my progress. Thanks for hanging in with me. I am feeling better and have lots of vigor.

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