Bodice Challenge: Day 15-18 catch up....

Friday Day 15

1)    Exercise: Walked/Jogged with Monty :)
Breakfast: Cereal/Almond Milk
Snack: 2 Hard boiled eggs/Seafood salad
Lunch: Roy Rogers 3pc. Chicken tenders w/ Buffalo sauce & baked potato
Snack: dark chocolate :)
Dinner: Triskets/Smoked Oysters/Celery/Grapes & Wine
1600 calories

3)    Creative Accomplishment: Packed car and drove to MA pretty much covers it :)
4)    BP:    97/64!! I swear to God and Goddess that it is not only the physical exercise but the Fish Oil Supplements I’ve been taking.
But WOW! Fucking WOW.

Saturday Day 16
     Exercise: Will be trudging the hill and dales hither at faire.

2)    Food:
Breakfast: Greek Yogurt, 2 Kiwis and Hot tea
           Lunch: Chili, some tortilla chips
          Snack: a tin of Kippers and 6 triskets
         Dinner: Harry took me to Zorba’s again! I had a small Greek salad, 
           rice pilaf, zucchini and a chicken kebob.
        After dinner: Glass of wine and some dark chocolate.
1500 calories!
3)    Creativity: Made seqways with songs and themes throughout the day.
Blogging a story :)

4)    BP~ again, not enough electricity for the cuff while camping so I will forgo it for the duration of this trip.

Sunday Day 17

Exercise: Faire trekking hills

Breakfast: Cinnamon Chex (dry) 2 kiwis, black tea
Lunch: Triskets, hummus, veggies and lite soup
Dinner: Harry took me out again to Zorbas’ (YAY!!) I had a small greek salad (loving those :) sautéed veggies, rice pilaf and broiled seafood.

Am now having a glass of wine at the Cottage. I was a very good minstrel today.
I have learned that when I eat out at restaurants that I CAN pick and choose what I need, if I take my time and just think about what’s good for me and what I really want .
I can order a soup and bread bowl sans bread!  (and I get more soup or chili that way anyways!

I don’t have to get ANYTHING with cheese on it.
And if I really, really want something sweet, I will forgo the desserts (not that I have a big sweet tooth anyways…I was always more of a “salt fiend” and now I’ve got that licked…salt- licked, that is J) Well, if I NEED something sweet, I just have a square or two of dark chocolate with my evening cabernet and it seems to do the trick. And dark chocolate and red wine are good for me to boot!


Hell….I AM doing this ;)
Weekends can be hard on folks changing lifestyles…so…how goes it?

Monday, Day 18

Exercise: Cleaned out the Cottage and vac’d it after driving 6 hours…

Breakfast: Yogurt/Dry cereal in the car
Lunch: Salad and Chicken tenders at BK on the thruway
Dinner: Chinese takeout- Steamed Dumplings/House Special Soup/wine :)
Managed on the road….1500 calories

Creativity: nothing much today…just driving and putting it all away…UGH.


LynnieBee said...

So glad you're home and that you had a good time, and that you did so well on the road :) Tell me more about these fish oil supplements, I may look into them myself :)

Merlyn said...

They look like horse pills...I buy the ones that are "odorless" and they really seem to be helping. I didn't take them for the last 4 days on the road and my bp is a smidge higher...
108/78 this morning...(of course I had Steamed Dumplings with Soy Sauce last night :) too...00

oh yummy ;)