Pirates: "On Stranger Tides"

I have to tell thee, that I am indeed looking most forward to the upcoming "Pirates of the Carribbean" movie : "On Stranger Tides".

Some folks have sounded disgruntled with murmurs of: "good god, another Pirates movie? Won't they just let it die?" I say "Fie! Such words of malice! They must be black hearted devils with maggots in their unimaginative souls!"

I ADORE this story.

First off....there's Jack Sparrow.

A wonderful hero with his quirks and humor, his "issues" with his dad, his past many encounters with women (all of which he has taken slaps for) and his daring, life risking Errol Flynn moves. What is not to like?? You know, I don't have a tattoo. I am "blank" as some tattoo enthusiasts like to remind me. I have told them that I just "can't get that committed to anything for the rest of my life." But now, I'm starting to think I might get a tat. Or a brand. If I ever did, it would be the "Jack" sparrow bird or the Pirate brand. These are the only things I could ever commit too. I am a Pirate at heart. I trust no one, and yet am amiable and go with the flow most times to see where things go.

Then there is the fact that I am steeped in historical longings and adventures. The last three trips that Harry and I have made to Florida to play the faire there, we have been to St. Augustine (twice) and then to Beaufort, N.C. to the resting place of Blackbeard's ship, "The Queen Anne's Revenge."

These really aren't your typical "while in Florida" or touristy destinations.
No. No Disney World for us. Instead, we sought out the "Fountain of Youth", saw the Fort there in St. Augustine (the oldest city in the U.S.) complete with the cannons guarding the bay.
We even traveled miles and miles out of our way and went to visit our friend "Blackbeard" and learned all about him. It was BLISS.

While some folks want to be pampered, spa'd, wined and dined.....
Harry & I MUCH prefer a more rustic vacation where we dig, learn, experience history and have a few pints in a weathered, woody pub. Our pirate hat is never far away.
As some of ye know, I am a scholar.
I am always learning something new!
I've been taking courses at Grey School of Wizardry online. Am loving the learning there as well....I am currently finishing the first set of my first four courses and am looking to pick out the next four more. One of the ones I am VERY interested in is: "Merfolk". Why just yesterday, it occurred to me that this would be one of my next courses.....Mermaids have ALWAYS interested me....
So this morning....
I boot up my laptop and get some news and there is a trailer and info out for the upcoming Pirates movie: "On Stranger Tides'.
Damned if it didn't have ALL these elements in it!! HUZZAH!!!

I see there is the "Fountain of Youth", "Blackbeard" AND Mermaids all rolled into one delicious Jack Sparrow adventure.

The wonderful Geoffrey Rush (who in many of his films has built into his lines somewhere the words: "It's a Mystery"...  I look for it in all of his films)
There are also appearances from the incredible Judi Dench and the imposing Keith Richards.

I am indeed salivating for this movie!!

Check this out! A bit of trivia I found online this morning:
"While filming in London in October 2010, Johnny Depp received a letter from a local 9-year old schoolgirl, telling him her classmates needed help to 'mutiny' against her teachers. He turned up with almost no warning at the school in full Sparrow outfit in support."

Now THAT'S my boy! It totally sounds like something I would do....both as a 9 year old student...
and as a Pirate visiting a school, it's something I already HAVE done

I am off to dream, to plan and to scour the 7 Seas to seek out my new plan of adventure!

Until then I leave you with this quote from the movie:

Jack Sparrow (to his father, Captain Teague (Keith Richards)
"Have you ever been there?"

Captain Teague: "Does this face Look like I've been to the Fountain of Youth?"

Jack Sparrow (diplomatically): "Depends on the light"

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