Dumpster Day 12- A day to learn, sow seeds and grow :)

Taking a day off, but wanted to give you an update because some of you have been asking :)

Huge news!

Harry is PLEASED with my efforts on the clean up and the dumpster!
He's even said "Thank you" several times!
I did throw out a couple of things that he wants to save, which I figured would happen. One I didn't realize it's worth, and the other he had plans for....but overall, he is happy with the progress and said it in the nicest of ways and isn't mad at all and is glad I am doing it.
He also said that he's setting aside this Saturday to help me out back a bit.



He's been sweet and amorous and doting on me, buying dinner several nights this week and has been very loving of late.All very positive signs :)

(Probably afraid I'm throwing out some good shite ;)

Or MAYBE it's because he's appreciating the energy I've been throwing at it, and it's not as overwhelming as it was....

I don't know.
But it's a GD miracle is what I think!

So, I am taking today OFF from dumpster flinging, mud glucking and rain trudging in my gloves and work clothes. I will take a break from the outside work until Saturday and in the meantime, I will work on another problem area indoors tomorrow and Friday. It's supposed to rain until Saturday anyways.

On the schedule today (instead of dumpster work)  I met my daughter Shawna at the ARC (Association of Retarded Children) to take a tour with her and her staff of the facility's sheltered workshop. I have been trying to arrange for work for her through Unity House mentoring, but there isn't anything available. I've always had a poor vision in my mind's eye of "sheltered workshops". It's probably from a remark I heard in the 70's by someone who was then working for Monarch Industry. He said that he hated his job as a Supervisor there and all he did was to walk around and dump stacks of just counted items over, so that the consumers could "recount" them again. He said it was pitiful.

But THIS place was different! (It's also about 40 years later!)

It was truly amazing. Gone are the days of the poor work environments and "make work" jobs for people with disabilities.

No, what I saw today was impressive!

This particular workshop is fueled by independant contractors. Some are the military, some local businesses such as Tessy Plastics and Welch Allyn. There are varied jobs from sorting and boxing to wrapping product to making filters to measuring metal ballast. The folks that worked there were happy and seemed to enjoy their work and being there. We are looking into Shawna getting on the waiting list for a job here someday, but there is some wait involved. The workers had a variety of disabilities, (some even knew Shawna...she's like the Mayor, wherever she goes, she knows people! :) But no matter the disability, they had work and were active, social and worked physically and mentally and they enjoyed it!

I heard that the State would like to close down facilities of this type. While it does sound good on paper, and in "theory" to close down "sheltered workshops", it is not realistic.
There are not enough jobs to go around for those looking for work, "typical or otherwise" and to be honest, some of the folks NEED the mentoring and the supervision.
I would not like to see this kind of supervised workshop shut down. They are doing good work, and it is important for people (ANY people :) to feel good about what they do.

After this tour, Shawna and I got some late breakfast and then we went to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo!

I am, as some of you know, taking courses through "Grey School of Wizardry". Right now, I'm in a "Beast Mastery" course, which is basically "Animal Communication.' One of my essay homework pieces to turn in, is to visit a zoo and to report back on how the animals were doing there and if their behavior seemed natural.

It was very interesting. They have recently had a new batch of baby tigers born into captivity. The baby tigers are currently being cloistered with their mommy tiger (as they should be).
However, the male tiger was out in their environment and he seemed very upset and pacing. I think he was worried about being separated from his mate and cubs. I know I would be.

The penguins were the happiest! They love their environment and were swimming quite energetically all around in front of us....and then something funny happened. We stepped into an alcove where we could view the penguins both in the water and out on the rocks. They spied my black umbrella and the penguins thought it was hysterical. They came up to the glass and tried to kiss it, bite it, taste it. I twirled it and they were mesmerized by it. They were so close and so fun to play with and enjoyed us and our umbrella right well.

We are back home now, have enjoyed a movie and some ice cream for a treat after our long trip around the zoo boardwalk! We have learned lots!

So, now, for my next trick:

I am going out to broadcast a couple boxes of wildflower seed out back on an old compost mound.
I am hoping that the perennials thrive there and over take the ugly mound and transform it into a beautiful sight to see.

I will sow the seeds of loveliness..........

and let them grow where they may. :)

Thanks for your interest and your support!

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