Day 8~ A Brush with Wisdom

Today makes it one week that we've had the dumpster. Saturday to Saturday. The activity has slowed down a bit, but I have made tremendous progress all in all.

I am proud of Harry. While he isn't actively participating in the trashing out, he has been putting away some of his disrupted possessions that now need a permanent home elsewhere.

And he HAS let go of some things:

3 tires, 2 1-ton Chevy rims, a couple of speaker cabinets, a Beta cassette recorder/player, 2 VCRs, a titler unit, a propane tank and a couple of larger batteries.
He's been working on putting away stuff and he's liking the progress...I think.

I know that we are getting along pretty good around here :) I am feeling more like I have some say and control on how things are managed, and he's finding that he has a happier wife....which is always good.

Today I went to county recycling event and got rid of the said electronics. I also put those 2 old van rims out by the road for "FREE". Hey, if they don't go, then I'll just put them back in the "Metal scrap" pile to make some money.

I then rewarded myself to a day of pampering that was planned with a couple of friends. We gave each other pedicures, body treatments and card readings, and washed it down with some amazing "bring a dish" offerings.

I took the ladies on a tour of what I'd been up to and they were impressed and I was proud. Of course, it's hard sometimes to look at what is still left to be done, and it gets a bit overwhelming....but I did show them around the property. Warts & all....

During our wee tour of the back yard....we were very dismayed to find a dead owl behind the barn. From the looks of it, if I were a detective, I'd say that the bird swooped down in the dark night to catch a wee ratty. How'ere the ratty must've dove into a pile of metal pipes, which is where I think the bird crashed and had a head or neck injury rendering it a fatal blow. It is a beautiful and terrible thing to see. It's talons still's feathers still soft...but not much of a face or a head to command. Stiff, lifeless....and yet...still stunning with his out stretched wings, still frozen in flight.

I looked it up in my Animal Medicine book. Owls are the medicines of sorcerers and witches. They stand for wisdom and clairvoyance. In the contrary, owls are about deception and not to be deceived. It says to "keep an eye on your property.and loved ones"

I am doing just that. I am no longer deceiving myself that things will "magically fix themselves" here at Squirrel Haven, nor can I keep believing that Harry has the time or inclination to make it so without my help.

I will take an Owl feather or two before this beautiful creature is offered up to Athena on the wood burn pile to remind me of this hard lesson learned.

The Owl always asks: "WHO?"

I am so sorry he had to die....

I will try to make a better place for another like him to hunt on our property.

If it's going to's up to me.

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