To Heal or Not to Heal? That is the Question.....

There has recently been a philosophical discussion on Facebook (I know, what are the chances?) about the gift and usage of psychic healing and it's applications.

There are those who feel that it is their duty to heal, no matter what, when given the thought or the opportunity, to use the gifts that the Gods have bestowed and to impart knowledge and wisdom to the suffering, whether they need it, wish it or not.

There are others who feel that this is an ethical dilemma. They feel that in their heart of hearts, if they have not been "specifically" asked by the possible receiver for the healing, then it is an intrusion and bowls over the person with energy that is not wanted.

This is an interesting conundrum, is it not?

I appreciate the fact that people are concerned with the intricacies of this kind of a spiritual enigma. It shows that they care. It also shows that they have put some goodly thought into it. If this is what works for them, in their conscience, then that is fine and I am happy for them.

How'ere, I, too, have an opinion that I'd like to share.

Aside from the fact that psychic and spiritual healing is far reaching time and space, it is still a healing process at it's core. The way that I feel about it is, is that my intuition and longings are here with me for a reason.
I may be thinking about someone, out of the blue, and I can direct loving thoughts towards them at any time to help them with whatever they are going through. I can do my Goddess or Tarot cards and see if I can perceive an issue to help understand what they are going through so that I might help them. My prayers for a person, near or far, I feel, are not intrusive, but I let the Gods direct the energy to where the person may most need it.

I mean, if you saw a friend and he was bleeding, would you not offer to help him? If he denied your help, that is another case. But if he is unaware or distracted, would you not comfort him in some way in your kindness?

If you knew of someone who was depressed or in their cups all the time, would you not lend a helping hand? They may not think they have a problem, but you know better and know that they are depressed or drinking or drugging because of other issues, would you not want to lay a healing hand, if for no other reason than to comfort and let some healing warmth wash over their soul and give them some transitory possible peace until they can surface and get some air?

Psychic healing is as important to offer your friend, whether it is Reiki, Good Chi, Prayers or a phone call of support as a bandaid and ointment are to a bleeding sore. It may not be the cure, the cure comes from the person's immune system or their inner reserves...but at least some effort has been made to assist in the process.

If you feel a need to is the Spirit within you hearing their call.

I still believe in the lyric in "You ain't seen nothin' yet" (Bachman Turner Overdrive) which is this profound statement in a silly, catchy rock tune:

"Any Love is Good Love"

A person may not specifically ask you for help, but if I see someone drowning in emotional strife and the hard luck of life, I feel it is my duty, to at least offer them what I can...from a distance...or up close and personal what I can to help them. In the end, they must help themselves, but a leg up is all that is sometimes needed for a dark cloud to pass.

You never know where good seeds will take root. But if you don't sow them...they will never grow.

I have always appreciated the prayers and hopes of others for me. So, really,  I am just returning someone's kindness and paying it forward to someone else.

And yes.....

I will continue to think and hope and pray for you too.

No matter what.

Have a Very Happy and Blessed Day

With Much Love


InGothWeTruss said...

I love you too, and your blogs. I feel a healing warmth everytime I read them. You are a wise and wonderful woman Merlyn. Thank you for all your yrs of healing me in one form or another.

Richard said...

In total agreement with Goth. Your words and your music are definitely that leg up I need some days. Many thanks.