Spring Celtic Ceilidh!

(Pronounced "Kay-lee")

It means "A Social Gathering".  And so it was.

For the past 4 years or so, Harry & I have been organizing a get together for our fans, in the early spring. Just cuz. A time to gather the folks together, in kilts and garb, with music and fun and hugs on a night when the buds are starting to awaken.

This year was no different in that respect.  I threw a date out onto Facebook back in, January, I guess. April 16th it was to be, and for folks to mark their calendar and give them hope in the dead and dread of winter.

Then I got scheduled for surgery after that.
A mere two days before the Ceilidh!
Oh well.

Cancel it?

Or have it?
I wouldn't be able to lift any gear....or manage the kitchen ....

I needed STAFF :)

And so my dear friends, Lorie and Debbi bellied up to the kitchen counter and put on their "Kitchen Goddess" tiaras and I let them rip.

 I found some fellahs who could help Harry set up and break down...

The gig was ON.

And what a night it was! The day dawned WET and COLD.
A true Celtic day.
A "nice soft day" as the Scots would say (which means "pouring cats and dogs with a bitter wind").

We held it at our local library in the Community Room. We love this library. They help us, we help them. All the attendance for our Open Mics and any event we plan, helps the library with numbers for their funding. And the library is great to us too!

We set up the room, and people came, bearing gifts, food, and musical instruments!

And ooooh the FOOOD!!!

Mystic Merlyn did a card reading for one of the revelers in front of a live audience!

Anne Dougherty also did a reading for a "spirit in the room" visiting (you know how the Celts love their ghost stories...) and she ended up nailing it as an audience member came forward afterward and said, "that was my Aunt, I'm sure of it" and they had a nice chat!

There were many musicians and a good time was had by all!

Dan Cox played (altho I didn't find a pic of Dan!! sorry Dan!)

"Dr. Gonzo & Tiny McCloud"
The "Terrible Musicians" :)
Will "The Fiddler" Kradlak
David Russell
Christine even braved the waters for her very first Brave virgin fiddle song debut! :)
 And I pushed Miss Micki into doing a gypsy dance with Dan and Ron ("Homeslice') to "Raggle Taggle Gypsies' :)

We finished the evening with Merry Mischief and a rendition of "Celtic Circle Dance" complete with our favorite dancers doing their special to order dance for the song "The Celtic Slide".

Click on this video for some Merry Mischief and Mischievite Dancer Fun!! :)

(Thanks to Mike Russell for the video! You can find it on Youtube! :)

Many of the "Mischievites" came from all over the state! And some from out of state too!

This all proves that:

"While the Winter may be long
and the weather discontent
there's no keeping down good Rennies....
with or without a tent.....

The good feelings they will flow
like wine from a flask
and the friendships they will grow
and the music it will last and last!"

You can take the garb off a rennie but you can't take the rennie out of garb.....

at least not for a whole year!

And a Great time was had by ALL! :)



Debbi said...

It sure was a blast!... as our "virgin Ceilidh" this was our first of MANY more to come! Thank you!

LynnieBee said...

I was so sad I couldn't be there :( I had a bunch of cooking I had to do for a potluck dinner I was attending the next day, and when I woke up the next morning I didn't feel well, and was vomiting by noon, from both ends :( I didn't get to go to the Ceilidh, or the potluck, or eat any of the food that I cooked for it :( Oh well, at least I didn't expose all of you to stomach bug germs. It looks like you all had a blast!!! I miss you all very much and I can't wait to be be back in my garb in the 'Shire :)