A Pirate's Course on a Mystic's Voyage

 I am a crusty Pirate yet have been both blessed and cursed with a Mystic's heart.

I have sailed seas of life both tossed about and with a good chart

Knowing that Poseidon doth laugh when I am lost and that he stirs the waters of my discontent.

He doth also provide some occasional safe haven when my ship falters and my spirit is bent.

Begging for calm seas he gives it full well....

Until my adventurous heart craves movement and swell.

I have rescued sailors tossed up for dead on the rocks...

Some have been loyal working with me from deck to docks...

Others lie in sick bay, until their health returns

then they leave me on a quest for other adventurous yearns.

Some stay by my side through storm and through draft

Others jump ship saying "The Captain, she's Daft!"

I have directed my Pirate eye to distant shores and to bays

knowing not what lay there, but the journey's the way.

Once there and have docked to take my leisure

Of pleasures fair and passions without measure

Till my Mystic's heart says to dig deeper without jest

and my scantily clad pirate is off again on another quest.

Where will I take me? If I only knew....

I shall be responsible for my ship and my crew.

But me? Who will take care of the Captain?

She sits alone yet again in her cabin.

Pondering, plotting, measuring charts....

weighing out motives, balancing hearts.

The sea she calls me, but I know not where.

And I will go there, yes.....I may dare.

Tossed on a sea of my own making

leaving a trail of turbulent waking.


MissLorieO said...

Beautiful. LIke you. :)

LynnieBee said...

Lovely :)

Richard said...

Aye then Cap'n,
Ye may be alone in yer cabin...ponderin' lore.
But I for one,
Will guard yer door.

Merlyn said...

And I do thank you all so....
and Swabby, we must needs write another tale together and soon :)