Committments, Empty Nests and Big Blue Eyes :)

Touching down on my committment updates of which I haven't done in quite some time.

In staying true to myself, I am committed to being upfront in these matters.

First, the biggest news...I CAN SEE! Yup. I could probably get a prescription in awhile for distance, but I am really ok driving fine and also reading WITHOUT GLASSES or CONTACTS.

Simply amazing. Some folks kept telling me "OH! The colors you will see!" And while the colors are nice and all, it's the DETAILS that I'm loving.
Check this out: I've actually had a friend or two say that I should "get glasses" because they can't get used to me without them! I said, "but I never wear glasses at faire all summer. Know what? This is my "love-making face". Suck it up and get used to it.":)

Blood pressure is down by my monitoring it faithfully and daily for a month now. Was 140/90.
This morning's was 99/71. All from just diet, exercise and supplements. No medicine.
And (break out into "Fiddler on the Roof's" song, "Wonder of Wonder"~)
Miracles of Miracles......
Harry went to the doctor and agreed to lower his BP with medication.

I nearly fainted. :)

(Hey never underestimate the power of a Crone :)
I am loving him HUGE for it too!

Music is coming along good. Working on the next CD now: "Heroes & Rogues". Have had to go stop/start between operations for me and Monty and gigs and car repairs and taxes,
it's a MAGICAL CD and we are excited about the tracks, the artwork and the theme. It is coming along!

Also working on a Civil War Show. Have to learn some new music for that. Will have to gather together a special stage outfit for us both. ( sad when a Garbaholic must acquire a new outfit :)

On the writing front: while my "Sentence a Day" Journal worked for a couple of months, it did more than that. It just sparked me to write and focus.
It gave me the desire to get it together in a more manual way.
My writings are currently being gathered from hill and dale and a kabillion floppy drives and are being amassed into chapter/section form. I am actually starting to get excited that I have a chronological, comprehensive list of stories in several subjects! This could actually happen!

 So that's good.

Have also consulted with a couple of writer friends on continuing a couple of our collaborative stories. Would like to see another adventure or two within those stories and come to some conclusion would be grand...
Besides the fact that it's just a damn lot of fun to write a progressive story with friends!

Been walking Monty and doing good on my health. Am eating meat only about once a week or so. Lots more veggies. And are you sitting down? I have dropped back drastically on my alcohol consumption. (We won't even mention the Sambuca Debaucle around New Year's here. You know, NEVER drink it after the whiskey has run out. ::Read::: I've switched to WINE.)

Altho, I did push off my promise of monthly Chiropractor appointment in lieu of all the eye stuff. I will get back to it eventually.

The year has been fraught with car and house repair, body repair....I guess everything falls apart at once, eh?

But some things are coming together.

I'll admit it has taken me quite awhile to regroup during this time, keep up with daily life and still try to dream some new dreams, and stay in touch with friends and family during this empty nest stage I've been going through in the last 6 months.

All in all, I still live a bit of a Fairy tale life.

Speaking of which, the Story Book Club has been grand fun, and the next one will be "Faery Tales". The people in this group are a lot of fun and clever and creative!

Speaking of Creativity, I need to keep working with the Creativity Circle. I canceled the one in April because I couldn't lug my sewing machine or bend over to work on my laid out backdrop on the floor. But I will need that backdrop soon....I also need to figure out a couple of flags for the Civil War Show for a backdrop.

Still want to Garden a bit.
Still playing music.
Gonna try to Keep on Keeping On....
Wanna still be a babe....
Gonna try to clean my desk :)


I have finally brainwashed, I mean, CONVINCED Harry into allowing me to order a dumpster brought to the property :) To "SORT". :)

Spring Miracles....They are all here.

See you at faire :)

Spring Celtic Ceilidh!

(Pronounced "Kay-lee")

It means "A Social Gathering".  And so it was.

For the past 4 years or so, Harry & I have been organizing a get together for our fans, in the early spring. Just cuz. A time to gather the folks together, in kilts and garb, with music and fun and hugs on a night when the buds are starting to awaken.

This year was no different in that respect.  I threw a date out onto Facebook back in, January, I guess. April 16th it was to be, and for folks to mark their calendar and give them hope in the dead and dread of winter.

Then I got scheduled for surgery after that.
A mere two days before the Ceilidh!
Oh well.

Cancel it?

Or have it?
I wouldn't be able to lift any gear....or manage the kitchen ....

I needed STAFF :)

And so my dear friends, Lorie and Debbi bellied up to the kitchen counter and put on their "Kitchen Goddess" tiaras and I let them rip.

 I found some fellahs who could help Harry set up and break down...

The gig was ON.

And what a night it was! The day dawned WET and COLD.
A true Celtic day.
A "nice soft day" as the Scots would say (which means "pouring cats and dogs with a bitter wind").

We held it at our local library in the Community Room. We love this library. They help us, we help them. All the attendance for our Open Mics and any event we plan, helps the library with numbers for their funding. And the library is great to us too!

We set up the room, and people came, bearing gifts, food, and musical instruments!

And ooooh the FOOOD!!!

Mystic Merlyn did a card reading for one of the revelers in front of a live audience!

Anne Dougherty also did a reading for a "spirit in the room" visiting (you know how the Celts love their ghost stories...) and she ended up nailing it as an audience member came forward afterward and said, "that was my Aunt, I'm sure of it" and they had a nice chat!

There were many musicians and a good time was had by all!

Dan Cox played (altho I didn't find a pic of Dan!! sorry Dan!)

"Dr. Gonzo & Tiny McCloud"
The "Terrible Musicians" :)
Will "The Fiddler" Kradlak
David Russell
Christine even braved the waters for her very first Brave virgin fiddle song debut! :)
 And I pushed Miss Micki into doing a gypsy dance with Dan and Ron ("Homeslice') to "Raggle Taggle Gypsies' :)

We finished the evening with Merry Mischief and a rendition of "Celtic Circle Dance" complete with our favorite dancers doing their special to order dance for the song "The Celtic Slide".

Click on this video for some Merry Mischief and Mischievite Dancer Fun!! :)

(Thanks to Mike Russell for the video! You can find it on Youtube! :)

Many of the "Mischievites" came from all over the state! And some from out of state too!

This all proves that:

"While the Winter may be long
and the weather discontent
there's no keeping down good Rennies....
with or without a tent.....

The good feelings they will flow
like wine from a flask
and the friendships they will grow
and the music it will last and last!"

You can take the garb off a rennie but you can't take the rennie out of garb.....

at least not for a whole year!

And a Great time was had by ALL! :)


A Pirate's Course on a Mystic's Voyage

 I am a crusty Pirate yet have been both blessed and cursed with a Mystic's heart.

I have sailed seas of life both tossed about and with a good chart

Knowing that Poseidon doth laugh when I am lost and that he stirs the waters of my discontent.

He doth also provide some occasional safe haven when my ship falters and my spirit is bent.

Begging for calm seas he gives it full well....

Until my adventurous heart craves movement and swell.

I have rescued sailors tossed up for dead on the rocks...

Some have been loyal working with me from deck to docks...

Others lie in sick bay, until their health returns

then they leave me on a quest for other adventurous yearns.

Some stay by my side through storm and through draft

Others jump ship saying "The Captain, she's Daft!"

I have directed my Pirate eye to distant shores and to bays

knowing not what lay there, but the journey's the way.

Once there and have docked to take my leisure

Of pleasures fair and passions without measure

Till my Mystic's heart says to dig deeper without jest

and my scantily clad pirate is off again on another quest.

Where will I take me? If I only knew....

I shall be responsible for my ship and my crew.

But me? Who will take care of the Captain?

She sits alone yet again in her cabin.

Pondering, plotting, measuring charts....

weighing out motives, balancing hearts.

The sea she calls me, but I know not where.

And I will go there, yes.....I may dare.

Tossed on a sea of my own making

leaving a trail of turbulent waking.

Cross my heart and hope to die.....

Yesterday was Cataract Surgery #2.

I was to arrive at 10:15am (which is a damn sight better then the 1st one at the 6:30am). The folks at the "Specialty Surgery Center of CNY" are really wonderful to work with. They even have a team working in Honduras right now doing surgeries for the less fortunate.

I got called and was settled into my prep-recliner chair where they took my vital signs, started the many courses of drops to dilate and numb my eyes till the pupils were like big, black saucer plates. They gave me my IV. Good God but that STUNG...and continued to sting the whole time it was in. I don't like needles, as I've said before....but who really does?

The surgery went well and the team was cordial and kind. My doctor was very good, told the team that I was a Pirate and a Musician, I even remember being asked during surgery "What instrument do you play?" and responding "12 string and bodhran and lead vocals" but not really sure what it came out like in reality.
The doctor said it was "almost over" and then when all the colors of the surgery had subsided, they sat me upright with help and the doctor said, "now get those taxes done" (which told me he's reading my blogs too :).  They took me post op, gave me juice and toast and instructions to care for myself for the rest of the day.

Harry took me home and got me lunch then left me to run errands. Monty (the also invalid recovering doggy) and I went and laid down for a nap. I woke up to the pain and the tearing eyes. I got up and realized that my pain killer had worn off and now had a very scratchy eye and painful socket. I mean, really, they just rooted around in my eyeball, it's normal to have pain, right?

I cried. Put in more eye drops. Went through a box of tissues. Watched a movie. Took a hot bath and went to bed in tears last night at 8pm. Slept on and off.

Got up and my eye was not as scratchy (YAY) but it was still very sore and sported some nice red swollen lids. Took more eye drops. Went to the recheck.

Doctor said that the pressure was high in my eye. Gave me a "numbing drop" and then asked me to look down while he opened my eye. I felt a prick! "Ah! What was THAT?"

"Just a needle." he said.


He checked the pressure again. Still high.
Another "numbing drop".
I saw the needle coming this time. It didn't hurt as before but the THOUGHT of it made me queasy and made Harry squirm in the chair looking on.
Recheck the pressure. "Still high".
Another numbing drop.
"What are you doing?" I asked weakly.

He said, "I'm basically making some "vents" in the eye to relieve the pressure. This should give you some relief from the pain." Ok. That makes sense.
Another fresh needle.

"How are you doing?" he asked as I pressed my forehead to the light and opened wide to the oncoming FOURTH needle.
"Getting depressed." I said.
"It's perfectly normal to have this done, don't worry."

Rechecked pressure. Still high.
Another needle.

Recheck pressure. Still high.

One more time.....numbing drop....and one more long stab at it. This one took all my strength to sit still for. Just KNOWING there was a needle in my eye...I could understand WHY, and was theoretically OK with it...BUT...

Then the good news after 5 times of this procedure.... "Ah, the pressure is down."

All through this all I could think of was the child rhyme sing songing through my head,
"Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in your eye."

Yah... hope to die.

Then all was good, pretty much. We chatted for a bit about music, Dr. Safran showed us his office complete with keyboard and then he showed us his IPad. I now want one. Maybe for Christmas....

I've been good. VERY GOOD. Fucking A have I been good.

Eye still a bit blurry and fuzzy.
VERY light sensitive.
I am emotional.
Feel like I've been through the ringer.

Thank you to all of you who sent me emails or called yesterday and got me through my very bad day.

Today is a bit better, although, I'm not 100% yet....I'm working on it. I hope to be a bit better tomorrow.

I hope you can all come to the Celtic Ceilidh tomorrow night at the Jordan Library Community Room.
7-10pm. Lots of music, friends, and some refreshments available. After Monty the doggy's surgery this week, Fucking Taxes done and mailed, and the last of two surgeries behind me.... I will feel like celebrating!

I will need hugs from you.

Someone just wrote to me that he thought my blogs were only motivated by my need for people to "adore you for your blogs, worship you for your voice, come to all of your events and performances, write to you because it's a you" world that you live in." (a nice way to kick someone trying to DO and Be someone or something. It hurt my feelings on a very down day. I have to say.)

After I cried about it, I have to say that I totally disagree with that point of view .

I am a story teller.
I am a true Bard.
I write to inform, to bring fantasy and to get closer to myself, and to others with my stories.

You may all think what you want, but I am not motivated by ego on this, but to express.

Cross my heart.

I'm drinking WINE now.

Hell, it's MEDICINAL under the circumstances.

To Heal or Not to Heal? That is the Question.....

There has recently been a philosophical discussion on Facebook (I know, what are the chances?) about the gift and usage of psychic healing and it's applications.

There are those who feel that it is their duty to heal, no matter what, when given the thought or the opportunity, to use the gifts that the Gods have bestowed and to impart knowledge and wisdom to the suffering, whether they need it, wish it or not.

There are others who feel that this is an ethical dilemma. They feel that in their heart of hearts, if they have not been "specifically" asked by the possible receiver for the healing, then it is an intrusion and bowls over the person with energy that is not wanted.

This is an interesting conundrum, is it not?

I appreciate the fact that people are concerned with the intricacies of this kind of a spiritual enigma. It shows that they care. It also shows that they have put some goodly thought into it. If this is what works for them, in their conscience, then that is fine and I am happy for them.

How'ere, I, too, have an opinion that I'd like to share.

Aside from the fact that psychic and spiritual healing is far reaching time and space, it is still a healing process at it's core. The way that I feel about it is, is that my intuition and longings are here with me for a reason.
I may be thinking about someone, out of the blue, and I can direct loving thoughts towards them at any time to help them with whatever they are going through. I can do my Goddess or Tarot cards and see if I can perceive an issue to help understand what they are going through so that I might help them. My prayers for a person, near or far, I feel, are not intrusive, but I let the Gods direct the energy to where the person may most need it.

I mean, if you saw a friend and he was bleeding, would you not offer to help him? If he denied your help, that is another case. But if he is unaware or distracted, would you not comfort him in some way in your kindness?

If you knew of someone who was depressed or in their cups all the time, would you not lend a helping hand? They may not think they have a problem, but you know better and know that they are depressed or drinking or drugging because of other issues, would you not want to lay a healing hand, if for no other reason than to comfort and let some healing warmth wash over their soul and give them some transitory possible peace until they can surface and get some air?

Psychic healing is as important to offer your friend, whether it is Reiki, Good Chi, Prayers or a phone call of support as a bandaid and ointment are to a bleeding sore. It may not be the cure, the cure comes from the person's immune system or their inner reserves...but at least some effort has been made to assist in the process.

If you feel a need to is the Spirit within you hearing their call.

I still believe in the lyric in "You ain't seen nothin' yet" (Bachman Turner Overdrive) which is this profound statement in a silly, catchy rock tune:

"Any Love is Good Love"

A person may not specifically ask you for help, but if I see someone drowning in emotional strife and the hard luck of life, I feel it is my duty, to at least offer them what I can...from a distance...or up close and personal what I can to help them. In the end, they must help themselves, but a leg up is all that is sometimes needed for a dark cloud to pass.

You never know where good seeds will take root. But if you don't sow them...they will never grow.

I have always appreciated the prayers and hopes of others for me. So, really,  I am just returning someone's kindness and paying it forward to someone else.

And yes.....

I will continue to think and hope and pray for you too.

No matter what.

Have a Very Happy and Blessed Day

With Much Love

Merlyn's Musings~: Seed catalogs make me think and dream....

Merlyn's Musings~: Seed catalogs make me think and dream....

Seed catalogs make me think and dream....

There's just something about hope of spring that makes you want to sit and ponder garden catalogs!

When I was younger, the Burpee catalog would come in February sometime and I remember watching my dad sit and peruse that catalog, thumb the pages, look wistfully at different tomato and bean varieties. Just planning and thinking and dreaming.

I always liked the "Kids" pages. You know, where they show you the "World's Biggest Pumpkin"

or "King Spaghetti Squash Monsters!" They had oddities in that section to spark kids into trying to plant and grow a garden and nurture their green thumb. If I wanted to, I could order "Mexican Jumping Bean" plants or grow "Chocolate Peppers" and other amazing things.

I usually was content with picking one or two things to add to my dad's tremendous garden. I loved growing sunflowers and started them in pots on the sunny bathroom window. They grew to be humongous!

The heads on those harvested plants were bigger than dinner plates! I also grew "Japanese Lanterns" and would harvest the beautiful vivid orange oriental looking flowers and bring them in for Halloween decorations. They would bob and dingle around on their bare stick branches. I could see how they were from the Orient. They looked like they would be in one of those Japanese watercolor paintings with the calligraphy character words down the side.

My dad had a tremendous garden. Miles and miles of green beans. Several kinds of tomato plants (complete with my least favorite insects in the whole world, the ugly & terrifying "Horn Worm" otherwise known as a "Tomato Worm". ACK.)
(this is what real monsters look like!!)

Pop also grew onions, potatoes, lettuce, cabbages, corn, cucumbers, kale....whatever he wanted or fancied. And he grew LOTS of it. I remember canning with my mother, on sultry hot days in the kitchen with the steaming hot water bath canner going. Quarts and pints and jars lined the counter tops. When cooled, I would take them down to the cellar to the pantry and mom had lined the shelves there with contact paper and lace trim on the edges.
 Beautiful colors of red tomatoes, green pickles, yellow corn relishes, purple beets. It was a feast for your eyes.

Of course, mom loved the work when it was all said and done and she could look at her handiwork and enjoy the fruits of their labor, literally. But it wasn't all homespun goodness and milk and cookies in the kitchen when it was happening. I was well aware of the hard work and the occasional steady stream of discontented bitching that would come from my mother's lips. "Why does he have to grow so MUCH?!"

But we were all glad dad DID grow a big garden, especially in the cold winter. We would go down to the pantry or the cold root cellar and get fresh big turnips or carrots or onions and bring them upstairs for the pot on the stove that was already boiling.

Mom loved her flowers. She grew bushels of them! Foxglove, bleeding hearts, lilies of the valley, dahlias, black-eyes Susan's, roses, zinnias. She made the gardens around the house a "showplace".
I have grown lots of things, but never to the extent that my mom or dad did.
I do enjoy having fresh veggies and herbs in from the garden though, and I do love my flowers!

I have had to slow down a bit this spring, and I really can't lift anything over 25# or so, while my eye surgery heals.... And then there is the next surgery to come soon...and the recovery after that.
I was reminded by my sister, Adele, recently that dad's cataract surgery "didn't go well". This was back 25-30 years ago. Evidently, my father's diabetic eyes had degenerated to a point that one eye was "not worth fixing" and the other eye had cataract surgery, which "was not a success". At this point in time, my father's sight was a signed deal and he got around less and enjoyed things less. He's been gone now 16 years and my mom left this world 5 years after he did.

I think of all these things as I look at the 4 Seasons and Burpee catalogs. I think of my dad and wish he could've had his sight.

I am planning on sprucing up my existing gardens with a few more perennials, possibly making a hedgerow out front, planting some Hostas in a circle under my front tree,

and putting in a small garden of veggies again.
Tomatoes. I must have tomatoes, and hope they won't blight like they did 2 years ago.

As I turn the pages of this bright and happy, bursting with abundance catalog, I think I will buy something out of the catalog just for him. Something colorful. Maybe some Giant Beefmaster Hybrid Tomato plants. They promise me that they will give me "Large quantities of thick, sweet, meaty tomatoes that weigh up to 2 pounds!"
 ("Mangia! That's a lotta sauce!") I should have enough to eat fresh, cook, can AND give away some to friends and family. (It's tradition to have them get the overflow, as anyone with cucumber or zucchini plants will tell you)

And I will buy something totally frivolous, beautiful and flowery for my mom.  Maybe a "Hummingbird Vine" to grow up my porch trellis where the old Clematis died...

The catalog tells me that "Hummingbirds and Butterflies find it irresistible. Its dark, shiny green leaves are smothered in large, showy, orange scarlet trumpet shaped flowers from July to November. Hummingbirds appear to collect the sweet nectar and come back year after year. A vigorous grower-reaches 20-40' Grows in poor soil, sun or partial shade."

Yah, that's the one. I can see me sitting on my cute front porch some early summer morning, with my book and my tea and hear the hum and buzz of happy little hummingbirds getting their sweet drink from the vine.

I think dreaming of spring and ordering plants and flowers from a catalog, is almost as fun as buying a new wheelbarrow at Lowe's. :)

I can't wait till I can lift it!