Travel Blog 5: Just another day on the shire :)

Today was a very lovely "summer" day here in January in Florida.

Harry and I didn't have the early morning meeting (thank the Gods :) so we got to the faire at around 8:30am.

I'm pretty tired so I'll give you a quick run down of the important bits:

The horse's name from the Golden Riders of the New Age that died yesterday was "Katie".
The jousters are still in shock, but like troupers...they did their show...revamped and adjusted w/o their charger.

Magic's doggy Peaches, had a total of 5 puppies yesterday. 1 lived. So far. Peaches is just too young to have puppies and the wee things were premature. We hope she can learn to be a mommy with the one she has (her milk came in) but the puppy that lived is the "runt" and can't figure out how to suckle....

We saw "St. Nicholas" at the faire. We are not sure why.

One car, hot from a ride, with a hot catalytic converter, parked in the tall grass here at Lakes Park. It caught on fire. It also ignited the car on either side of it. So three cars went up in flames today.

We ran our "Garbaholics Anonymous Meeting & Fashion Show" for those at our 5:20pm show. It was a lot of fun! We drew in some newbies and some veterans.We enabled others to be Garbaholics :)

No one else died or caught on fire.

All in all it was a good day :)

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So, just another faire day....