Poem in the Middle of the Night

Fairytale Pink
Gingerbread Red
Pine Forest Green
Sunshine Citron Yellow
These are the colors of Enchantment
My intrepid fellow!

Tropical Blue
Puffy Cloud White
Fairies dance
While you sleep at night!
Petals and Pollen
Blades of Grass
Childhood Moments
that last and last!

Beauty and Wonder
I wish for Thee
Pixie Dust trails
and Holes in Oak Trees
Twilight tingles
and Midnight Moon
Dreams of Love
to Find You Soon!

Merlyn’s Magic and Morgan Le Fay
Broomsticks and Apples
Morning Dew in May
Cauldrons and Kettles
Sage and Sweet Smudge
Strawberries Ripe  
and Chocolate Fudge

Music and Laughter
Flirtatious Eyes
Silver and Golden Sunsets
Fill the Skies!
Come to me Magic! 
Bid me no farewell!

My heart calls to Thee Sweetly
Echoed deep in water barrels

Dragonflies and Hummingbirds
Suddenly appear
Tarot and Goddesses
Give me Nothing to Fear
Magic within me
Magic without
Let Nature show her Wonders
Let the Flowers Shout!

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