Pierogi Lasagna Recipe and Medicine Wise Men

It has come to my attention (by several of you) that you would like the recipe to my concotion of Potato Pierogi Lasagna!

Loosely (cuz that's how I roll..... :)


1 box of Mrs. T's Potato & Cheddar Pierogis (use 2 boxes if you want to make a bigger batch)
1 pkg fresh Italian sausage- bulk (but links would work if you cut them small)
1 fresh green pepper
1 package fresh mushrooms
1 can of sauce. I use Hunts. It's yummy and cheap. :)
1 pkg of shredded mozzerella.

Brown the sausage and drain it.
 Take a casserole dish and grease it lightly with Pam.
Put in a layer of frozen pierogis.
Layer of Sausage.
Layer of sliced green pepper
Layer of sliced mushrooms.
Layer of sauce.
Layer of cheese.

Bake at 350 for about an hour.

Yum it up. I got the "official Yummy-do" alert from both the guys on this one.

Today's business:

I felt like I ran ragged all day. Got Shawna and took her (and me) to see Dr. Quinn the Medicine Man.

He's our Chiropractor. And he is a genius. He's also a Kiniesiologist and works with reflexology.

I don't know if you've ever had an "adjustment" at a Chiropractors or not, but I am a firm believer in RELIEF.
Dr. Quinn is kewl because even though he's a big dude, he uses an instrument to give a "measured dose" of adjustment. It's kind of like a wee little jack hammer that he can manipulate in one shot to your spine, neck, feet...wherever you have issues.

My issues are ALWAYS my wrists (12 string guitar :)
My lower back and tailbone (Coccyx broken at age 11)
and now my right ankle (parades)
and sometimes I have a rib head out and my clavicle...
You lay down on a bench which can raise and lower. He uses some power massage units to loosen up your
muscles before the actual adjustments. He's chatty...uses aroma therapy oils on particularly painful areas, which does 2 things...it goes right to the pain...and bonus is you smell like you came from an herbary the rest of the day.

After you are "back in place" he sends you across the hall to Joanne, the massage therapist, who works specifically on your "trigger points" and all the areas the Dr. just adjusted.
Can you say "HEAVEN?"


Both Shawna and I enjoyed our visit and I am vowing to try to incorporate a monthly visit to see the Medicine Man.
It's cheaper to keep you well....than to get you back to health after a sickness.
I vote wellness.

I also bought the ingredients I needed for my "spa" night ritual that I am going to start for ME.

And one more thing...

I don't have room at Squirrel Haven for a tree. Haven't for a couple of years. It's a cozy bungalow with cozy people.
But no room for a tree.
So I have punted this holiday.

I have put up all my holiday decorations by my front door, complete with a mini table top tree and the Nativity barn that my first husband Dave and I made for our girls.

With some wee Christmas lights.

I think Baby Jesus likes to look at them twinkle.

I know I do.


the Three Wise Men are there bearing gifts...
and hey!

One of them is GOLD.

It's for NYSEG.

Till I muse again~
Your Bard

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