Merlyn's Commitment Updates Week 2

Last night, I finally made myself a be able to check off things as I accomplished them. I made it on EXCEL, which I don't use over much and don't understand all too well....but I played :)

And it was kinda fun. From the blog I wrote to you, 2 weeks ago, I developed my chart to reflect my daily, weekly, monthly, yearly progress. I printed off 3 months ahead so that I could get to it.

Now, with taking into consideration the fact that I started this on Dec. 1st  (read: Christmas :), my laptop power supply cord died rendering it useless to me in my comfy chair where I love to write (but thanks to Linda Hodge one is on it's way to me even as we speak) and also the fact that we've had a ton of snow to work with....
I feel that overall I'm doing A-OK :)

Here's the run down:

Sentence Journal: Got forgotten several times. Altho I HAVE been writing.

Walk Monty: ZERO. We have 4 feet of snow and no sidewalk. Monty plays a lot either in the snow or inside with us, so he's getting HIS exercize...but I am seriously thinking of making this goal YOGA for me, a bit every day until we get to spring...just cuz.

Sort/Organize some area (big or small): Doing well with this. Cleaned off my desk totally yesterday and got all my invoicing and sales tax and filing DONE. Am discouraged about other areas of the house...but one foot in front of the other...

Show some love to someone: This one is really pretty easy to do, what with email, and Facebook, and daily interactions on a personal level. I do love. This one is showing me that I DO.

Organize/Write on the Books: I have been able to do a wee bit every day. If only add a story or put one thing in order. I long for some time to sit and spend on this project. Maybe after Christmas there will be more time.


Haiku Monday: Going great. LOVE writing the Haikus! My only problem is...sometimes I forget it's Monday :)

Post Commitments Update: Voila!

Spa Night (Manicure/Pedicure/Deep Condition Hair/Facial/Full body Scrub & Oil);
Well, I get partial marks for this one. Love my hot baths every night. Bubbles too. The nail thing eludes me. Just don't get around to it in the evening. How'ere, I DID (to my credit) go shopping and bought some amazing and wonderful and decadent items for this program FOR MYSELF :) I bought a delicious Lemon-Mint facial (it's a lovely GREEN face and it smells so awesome:). I also bought some Lavendar bubble bath and a nice new scrubbie and some vanilla body wash. Taking a bath has been luxurious.
Last night, I made a point of really caring for myself. I washed my body like a lover would. All my chubbs and wrinkles and flaws became beautiful to me. And I realized....
I AM a babe. (I'm a fat babe.... but a babe no less :) After my luscious bath and facial in the tub, I dried off a bit and used baby oil on my entire body (sans face...that is only touched with Oil of Olay, which I've been using faithfully since I was 20). Then into jammies to let the oil baste me and marinate :) I read for 10 minutes, said my prayers... and fell asleep instantly.


Go to Chiropractor:  Check! Dec. 1st and needed it.

Started a Fairy Tale/Folk Tale Book Discussion Club: Check! Altho, it did get postponed once due to snow, and the date reduex was also hampered by the next storm...I met with Harry and freind Nick and we ate cookies and drank hot chocolate and read outloud "Hansel & Gretel" and picked the story apart like hungry birds in a dark forest :) It was really satisfying! We let Nick pick the next story (it was his reward for being the only one making it to the Storybook night..) and he picked "Little Red Riding Hood."
(an aside here is that Nick is in our family. He used to be my daughter Jesse's bf. It...ah...didn't work out. :) BUT, Nick remains. He is a dear friend, Monty's uncle, and Nick feels like my son. I think he needs us, and he seems to be enjoying this time with us. He didn't have a good experience in school. Labeled learning disabled, and not able to read or write well for a long time, I am impressed with Nick, his reading skills outloud the other night, his conceptual ideas, his depth of spirit and his intelligence. I would do this Story book Club for him and me if for no other reason :)

Make a Date with a Friend: Check! Kristen Eberhardt Izzo and I went to Skaneateles on Dec. 4th and had a wonderful day together, chatted with friends in Dickens', we went shopping and visiting and then wound up eating and drinking at the Sherwood Pub. A must do again SOON :) Love her and my time all day that day!

Creative Circle: nope. Did it in November 7 takers and it was FUN! But this month of Dec. is too fraught with things on the weekends to manage....maybe will start this up again in Feb. after our trip south.

Song- Brush up or Learn a new one: Check! Can you say "Christmas Songs?"

The rest of the things on my list have yet to come up in time.
(i.e. Massage in March, Professional Pedicure in April...)

but I will start my dreaming of my annual goals: A weekend retreat for ME has been added....along with the visit to a Sacred Place. They may go together...they may be 2 seperate things. We shall see.

But all in all....I give me a 90 or an "A" for effort and an "A+" because it feels like I am starting to really make headway!
Enjoy your day!
Do something for YOU today.
Merlyn says "It feels wonderful and you deserve to take care of YOU first."

Just remember the Mantra: "If it's going to's up to ME." 

Signing off with wishes for YOUR accomplishments of all sizes to come true too :)

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